Yoga Private Lessons

Our compassionate and well-educated yoga practitioners (and yoga therapist) offer both individual and private yoga sessions and small group yoga classes.

Private yoga sessions offer many benefits, including the following:

  1. Beginning yoga students may feel more comfortable starting with one-on-one yoga instruction.

    In this environment, they can learn all the movements, poses, and relieve themselves from the overwhelm that many beginners feel when they first start yoga. An instructor can also provide individualized attention to ensure the client has good form and a good sense of feeling their body in the yoga space as they move through the movements.
  2. Focus on personalized goals.

    Private yoga lessons offer clients the ability to focus on personalized goals which may include health, fitness, gaining flexibility, improving performance, chronic pain, trauma work, and mental health goals. With personalized instruction, the yoga instructor can build in specific poses, movements, plans, or meditations to target the client’s specific goals.
  3. Ease of access and scheduling.

    Working with a private yoga instructor, you can create a yoga schedule that fits your schedule’s needs versus trying to fit your schedule around a yoga class. Personal instructors can work with you in the early morning, late evenings, or middle of the day depending on what works best for you and client’s often busy schedules.
  4. Overcoming injuries and health concerns.

    Trying to work on injuries and health concerns in a normal yoga class may be impractical and unwise for some. With a personal yoga instructor can help to put all of their focus on you throughout the session and ensure that the yoga movements and poses will not further injure or strain your particular injuries and chronic pain areas. Additionally, health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain usually require special alterations that aren’t always implemented or noticed in the group setting. When health concerns are involved, it is always best to have some private yoga sessions to gain awareness about the alterations that need to be made during group yoga practice.
  5. Going more in-depth with your practice.

    While beginners benefit from private classes, the same applies for more advanced yogis. Private sessions can help a yogi take their practice to the next level.

In many cases, working with a yoga instructor or therapist one-on-one can lead to better form, skills work, less complications, addressing core mental health issues, trauma in the body, and gaining confidence. To get started on elevating your yoga practice, healing mental health concerns or chronic pain, call 316-201-6047 or contact us here today.