Shellee Methe

Registered Nurse & Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Shellee Methe, RN & Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

A love of science and serving others led Shellee to begin a career as an Registered Nurse over 25 years ago. Her roles  have always involved education, counseling, and coaching. So, it’s no surprise that after her own health crisis, she chose to use her journey to help others and became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.  

Functional Medicine is a wellness based approach that focuses on restoring health. Her dream is to equip everyone with the knowledge of how to live a healthy and vibrant life – if they have a desire to. She believes that helping others be well gives them freedom to fulfill the purpose they were created for.

Most people experience a gap between knowing what they need to do and actually doing it –   Coaching bridges that gap.  Shellee takes the time to get to know her clients, understand what is important to them, identify their strengths, partner with them to create a plan that fits their life and provides encouragement, support, and accountability. 

Shellee enjoys a great cup of coffee, dark chocolate, all things cozy and warm, creating healthy and tasty dishes, nordic walking, pilates, hiking, playing games and spending time with family, friends, and pets.

  • Rate $100 per session (ask about discounted rates).