Meet the Team

Jenny Helms, LMFT

Jenny Helms, LMFT

Jenny’s practice is exclusively devoted to treating Eating Disorders and healing trauma. She provides individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults. Since she moved to Kansas, she has worked with clients in coaching, therapy, and hospital settings. Jenny has a passion for helping those struggling with eating issues and the issues that usually coincide with those issues including: self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and relationship problems.

Jenny brings her compassion, empathy, and ability to see people as WHOLE people — not just their eating disorder or eating issues. Upon meeting with her, you will realize how important it is to understand your relationship with food and how it is functioning in your life, as well as skills for overcoming it.

Her philosophy with all clients is that she wants to “teach you to fish” versus just “giving you fish” and give you the tools you need to be successful. She also believes in FULL recovery for those struggling with Eating Disorders.

In addition to her therapy work, she is an advocate for eating disorder and trauma education in the Wichita community, speaking and engaging with local organizations around town. She created Soma Recovery to address the unmet needs of those looking for true transformation in Wichita, and has a passion for advocacy and our evolving Wichita community. Read more about Soma’s mission here.

Jenny Voth, LCP LCAC

Jenny Voth, LCSW LCAC

Jenny Voth has 18 years worth of experience in providing mental health services in our community working to treat addiction, trauma, and heal families. She believes that each individual in this world has a purpose and strengths that can be used to propel them forward into living a healthy and fulfilling life. She uses motivational interviewing techniques to empower the individual to achieve personal growth. She believes that it is her role to walk with the individual and support them in that journey. 

Jenny Voth brings to her work specialized trainings on trauma informed care, trauma and the brain, motivational interviewing techniques, the seeking safety curriculum, and Human trafficking training.  

Not only is she active in her therapeutic work, but she also brings her Christian background to the work she does and is actively involved in community service projects. In her spare time she is an avid weight lifter and advocates for the physical, emotional, and spiritual integration of individuals. 

Donnie Latuch, PsyD T-LP

Albert “Donnie” Latuch is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology who specializes in military psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He has been a therapist in the Wichita and Leavenworth areas for the past 7 years. He is a military veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Army, with a combat deployment to Iraq. He initially got into the field of psychology to treat combat-related trauma; however, his clinical experiences as a generalist also include treating a wide array of non-military related trauma, personality disorders, and mood dysfunction. He specializes in working with adults and adolescents (16+ years old) using practical, client-centered methods of developing coping skills related to developing and maintaining relationships, managing unwanted mood, and learning how to minimize the emotional pain of traumatic memories. From the beginning, he will help you form a trusting relationship and begin identifying your personal goals. You will embark on a journey in which he will teach, coach, and encourage ways to help improve the quality of your life, as you see it. If you are looking for ways to address suffering in your life, he welcomes you to contact us.

Amy Speer, Yoga Instructor

Amy Speer

Amy Speer has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 11 years in multiple settings including the YMCA, CrossFit Wichita, CoreStrength Wichita, and Hot Asana. To build her yoga practice and skills she has trained with Mary Jane Keith and Renee DeTar and continues to grow and expand her learning of trauma sensitive yoga with ongoing trainings. She has worked with people from all walks of life and helped them to listen to their bodies to rehabilitate injuries and create safety within their body. She will be leading innovative yoga classes that connect therapy and yoga in providing healing for trauma, anxiety, and depression that is stored in the body – the only ones of it’s kind in Wichita. She will also facilitate one-on-one and group yoga classes. She is passionate about helping others heal from the inside-out.

LaVeta Jarrett, Psychiatric NP

LaVeta Jarrett, Psychiatric NP

LaVeta is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with over 10 years of expertise in mood disorders (depression, bipolar), anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, cultural stressors, and clients in crisis. She also specializes in helping with medication management for those struggling with substance abuse. In addition to medication evaluation, she seeks to understand her patients from a holistic perspective by evaluating the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to their emotional concerns. She takes the time to educate my patients as to what is a psychiatric illness, what the options are for treatment, the risks and benefits from medication and the need for continuing therapy in order to enhance long term stability. If you or a loved one is in need of quality, empathetic, and comprehensive psychiatric care, don’t hesitate to email our Soma admins to connect them with quality psychiatric care.

Amber Girrens RDN, LDN

Amber Girrens

Amber is a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about nutrition, health, and helping others live the life they deserve. Amber mentors her clients to live a balanced life by teaching self-acceptance, positive body image, and promoting a guiltless and educated relationship with food; based on individual nutrition interventions. Science has found a link between the brain and gut, making individual nutrition intervention vital when supporting recovery from depression, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders of any kind.

Amber graduated from The University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics. She is an experienced Clinical RDN, Community RDN, Consultant RDN and Health Coach with a special focus on eating disorders.

Sarah Cummins, Yoga Therapist (E-RYT200, YACEP, working towards I-AYT)

Sarah Cummins

Sarah Cummins is a registered certified education provider and yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level and has over 1500 hours teaching experience (E-RYT200, YACEP).  She is also a certified Pain Care yoga teacher from Pain Care U, specializing in empowering clients to self-manage their chronic pain with the education of pain science.  She is currently working toward her Yoga Therapy certification (I-AYT) with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy and her ACE Personal Trainer Certification at Wichita State University.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland.  She is an active-duty Air Force spouse certified with Yoga Warriors International (YWT) to teach to people suffering from post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and amputation. Her goal is to empower clients, using the philosophy and applications of yoga, to assess and tend to the client from a holistic perspective.  Sarah can be contracted to teach private and small group lessons, workshops, wellness retreats, yoga nidra/meditation, chair yoga, pain care yoga, yoga for addiction recovery, yoga for trauma, depression, and anxiety, mommy and baby yoga, prenatal, and she offers essential oil raindrop technique and marma technique.

Shelly Huffman, LCPC MA

Shelly Huffman LCPC, SE Practitioner

Shelly works with clients ages 12 and up, from diverse backgrounds, with a wide variety of issues. Her areas of interest and specialization include relationship counseling and helping individuals and couples with issues of mistrust, betrayal, and sexual intimacy issues. She also works with clients struggling with depression & anxiety, major life transitions, illness, chronic pain, death and other losses, issues of abuse and trauma, including PTSD. Her areas of ongoing study are in the neuroscience of psychotherapy: how therapy changes the brain, as related to stress reduction, and improving communication and intimacy in relationships. She has specialized training in various mindfulness therapies. She is an Intermediate III level practitioner of Somatic Experiencing (TM).

Shelly is interested in people’s stories. Hers has been marked by adventures, deep joys, significant losses, and many dark nights of the soul. In all of it, she is amazed at how the human spirit and the human body can recover time and time again. We are hard-wired to recover. It is her life’s passion to be with others when they’re knocked down and to help facilitate the transformation that can come from it. Her counseling style is compassionate and nurturing, while also providing honest, straightforward feedback. She won’t waste your time.

Mary Nesbitt, LCMFT

Mary Nesbitt, LCMFT

Mary Nesbitt is a seasoned clinical marriage and family therapist that specializes in working with a diverse range of people including, high performing men and women, couples, young adults, teens, and the LGBQT+ community. She meets you where you are at. She helps you embrace who you are, while also changing the stories that keep you stuck or small. Happy lives and relationships aren’t just what happen to other people, you can have that too. Mary partners with her clients as they transition and grow to amplify their strengths with high compassion, and low B.S. In addition to working with high performing men and women, she also highly enjoys her work with couples and with those going through life transitions (births, job changes, coming out, graduation, retirement, etc.). Her counseling style combines integrative therapies with narrative to help you rewrite stories and become empowered to live the life you are meant to live.

Sidney Funk, LCMFT

Sidney Funk, LCMFT

Sidney’s focus as a therapist is to provide counseling for women or mothers before, during and after pregnancy in addition to helping clients with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Her counseling sessions are tailored for you, around your goals, in order to help you cope with any issue related to pregnancy or motherhood. As a mom of 3, Sidney has a lot of compassion for others going through the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenting. If you are struggling with pregnancy or being a mom, you have come to the right place.

Danielle Roberts, LMFT

Danielle Roberts, LMFT

Danielle Roberts is an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist that is trained in EMDR and different trauma therapies.

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