Meet the Team

Jenny Helms, LCMFT

Jenny Helms, LCMFT

Jenny’s practice is exclusively devoted to treating Eating Disorders and healing trauma. She provides individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults. Since she moved to Kansas, she has worked with clients in coaching, therapy, and hospital settings. She has a passion for helping those struggling with eating issues and the issues that usually coincide with those issues. These issues include self-esteem, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and relationship problems.

Jenny brings her compassion, empathy, and ability to see people as WHOLE people; not just their eating disorder or eating issues. Upon meeting with her, you will realize how important it is to understand your relationship with food. Also, how food is functioning in your life as well as skills for overcoming it.

In addition to her therapy work, she is an advocate for trauma, eating disorders and healthy relationships in Wichita; speaking and engaging with local organizations around town. She created Soma Therapy to address the unmet needs of those looking for true transformation in Wichita. Jenny has a passion for advocacy and our evolving Wichita community. She also does videos on Youtube in which she answers questions about mental health and relationships. You can check out her YouTube here or her Instagram to get positive mental health messages and level-up your relationships.

Jenny Voth, LCP LCAC

Jenny Voth

Jenny Voth has 18 years worth of experience in providing mental health services in our community working to treat substance abuse, trauma and heal families. She believes that each individual in this world has a purpose and strengths that can be used to propel them forward into living a healthy and fulfilling life. Jenny uses motivational interviewing techniques to empower the individual to achieve personal growth. She believes that it is her role to walk with the individual and support them in that journey. 

In her work, Jenny brings specialized trainings on trauma informed care and trauma on the brain. Similarly, she has motivational interviewing techniques as well as human trafficking training.  

Not only is she active in her therapeutic work, she also brings her Christian background to the work she does. In her spare time, Jenny is an avid weight lifter and advocates for integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Donnie Latuch, PsyD T-LP

Donnie Latuch

Albert “Donnie” Latuch is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology who specializes in military psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He has been a therapist in the Wichita and Leavenworth areas for the past 7 years. Donnie is a military veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Army, with a combat deployment to Iraq. He initially got into the field of psychology to treat combat-related trauma; however, his clinical experiences as a generalist also include treating non-military related trauma, personality disorders and mood dysfunction.

Donnie specializes in working with adults and adolescents (16+ years old) using practical, client-centered methods of developing coping skills. These skills are related to developing and maintaining relationships and managing unwanted mood. Similarly, they include learning how to minimize the emotional pain of traumatic memories. From the beginning, he will help you form a trusting relationship and begin identifying your personal goals. Donnie will teach and encourage ways to help improve the quality of your life. If you are looking for ways to address suffering in your life, he welcomes you to contact us.

Amy Speer, Yoga Instructor

Amy Speer Tree Pose

Amy Speer has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 11 years in multiple settings. She’s worked with the YMCA, CrossFit Wichita, CoreStrength Wichita and Hot Asana. To build her yoga practice and skills, she trained with Mary Jane Keith and Renee DeTar. Amy continues to expand her learning of trauma sensitive yoga with ongoing trainings. She has worked with clients from all walks of life. She helps them to listen to their bodies to rehabilitate injuries to create safety within their body. Amy leads innovative yoga classes that connect therapy and yoga. They provide healing for trauma, anxiety, and depression that is stored in the body. Her classes are the only of it’s kind in Wichita. She will also facilitate one-on-one and group yoga classes. Amy is passionate about helping others heal from the inside-out.

LaVeta Jarrett, Psychiatric NP

LaVeta Jarrett
LaVeta Jarrett, Psychiatric NP

As a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, LaVeta has over 10 years of expertise in mood disorders (depression, bipolar), anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, cultural stressors, and clients in crisis. She also specializes in helping with medication management for those struggling with substance abuse. In addition to medication evaluation, she seeks to understand her patients from a holistic perspective. LaVeta evaluates the biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to their emotional concerns. She takes the time to educate her clients about their options for treatment and the risks or benefits from medication. She also supports the need for continuing therapy in order to enhance long-term stability. If you or a loved one is in need of quality, empathetic and comprehensive psychiatric care, don’t hesitate to email us to get connected with the provider you need.

Mary Nesbitt, LCMFT

Mary Nesbitt
Mary Nesbitt, LCMFT

As a seasoned clinical marriage and family therapist, Mary specializes in working with a diverse range of people. Her clients include high performing men and women, couples, young adults, teens and the LGBTQ+ community. She meets you where you are at. She helps you embrace who you are, while also changing the stories that keep you stuck or small. Happy lives and relationships aren’t just what happen to other people, you can have that too.

Mary partners with her clients as they transition and grow to amplify their strengths with high compassion, and low B.S. In addition to working with high performing clients, she also enjoys working with couples and those going through life transitions. These transitions might include births, job changes, coming out, graduation, retirement, etc. Her counseling style combines integrative therapies with narrative to help you rewrite stories. After working with Mary, you’ll become empowered to live the life you are meant to live.

Sidney Funk, LCMFT

Sidney Funk

Sidney has 11+ years of experience working with adolescents, adults, couples, and family systems. Her treatment approach is based on the belief that most people desire to make improvements in their lives. She believes in helping clients overcome hurdles that keep them stuck.

Sidney tends to see the best in people, focusing on their strengths. She assists them in pulling out and expanding their own internal resources and abilities. Sidney desires to help people heal from trauma and find freedom from symptoms. She also seeks to build their confidence, increase their abilities and find joy in living each and every day.

Sidney has expertise and training in EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness. She also utilizes other approaches to treat a multitude of issues.  Her practice has dealt with treating anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, eating issues, and perinatal mood disorders. Sidney believes meeting with her clients and being allowed on their journey is a privilege and something she values greatly. She understands how vulnerable this process can be and the courage it takes to take the next steps. It is her hope to alleviate any fears about this process and create a space of acceptance, understanding and safety where clients feel comfortable from the beginning.

Ignacio Ayala, LMSW

Ignacio Ayala

Ignacio Ayala (Iggy) is a licensed social worker with over 8 years of experience helping individuals and families with behavioral health issues. He is bilingual in English and Spanish. With his background as a veteran, a Firefighter/EMT with 27+ years of experience responding to crisis and emergencies, he brings a unique view and understanding of veterans, first responders, and those who have been in crisis situations.

His areas of focus include: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and Trauma & Stressor Related He works with a wide range of age groups including children, adolescents, adults, individuals, families, and groups.

Andrew Jamison, LPC

Andrew Jamison
Andrew Jamison, LPC

Andy took many roads to get to where he is today. One of his favorite quotes is “Sometimes we have to find out who we’re not to find out who we are.” Andy says that because he has lived it.  From serving tables, to aircraft manufacturing, business management, and being in the military he believes that all of these experiences were invaluable to help create who he is today.

Andy specializes in working with youth and first responders to offer perspective and insight to your story to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and even the trauma that we might encounter in our life.  He borrows from the cognitive, humanistic, and existential forms of therapy to have each individual be heard from a place of genuine care, rational thought, free will, and encouragement so that the client may start to see the better form of oneself that is simply waiting to emerge.

Andy is grateful for each client he is able to visit with. He sees the counseling practice as a symbiotic communication, one that both he and his client can grow from. Andy believes that perfection is not attainable and in our imperfections is where we find the common denominator of our humanity. He looks forward to you visiting with him and traveling along this journey of humanity together. 

Cissy Jo Stiles, LMFT

Cissy Jo Stiles
Cissy Jo Stiles, LMFT-T

A graduate from Friends University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program, Cissy has 20+ years of experience in early childhood education. She also has eight years of experience fostering high-needs teen boys and has adopted one. Cissy has a warm place in her heart for children and her clients, from age 1 to 101 years old. She has 150+ hours of play therapy training, because play is an important part of expression, whether you are a child or adult. She also offers sand tray therapy, where a client can tell his or her story with miniatures. Cissy is ready to meet her client’s needs with caring and compassion as they pursue better mental health and healing. She offers therapy to individuals of all ages, couples, and families dealing with a variety of concerns including grief, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Jeanine Long, LCPC

Jeanine Long

Jeanine Long is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with more than 11 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults in a clinical setting.   She focuses her practice on treating anxiety, depression, and recovery from traumatic events using mind-body practices. Through empathy and compassionate support, Jeanine helps her clients realize and reach their full potential. 

Jeanine believes it’s important to maintain her mental health and integrates yoga and mindfulness into her daily life.  Inspired by the difference it has made, she has continued her work and development into helping others, is a yoga teacher and holds specialized certifications in working with children, veterans, and first responders. 

Jeanine was an educator for 25 years and because of that experience is uniquely qualified to help children who are struggling to be successful at school.  She works with the child, as well as the support system, to find strategies and techniques for successful implementation in both the home and school environments.  

Jeanine is also a parent coach and specializes in emotionally intense children. She works with individuals, families, and couples being affected by this population and understands the vital role caregivers have in helping children develop their true potential.  Using proven and practical strategies, she helps them learn how to calm children’s challenging behaviors and bring peace to their home.

Kelcie Tovar, LCMFT

Kelcie Tovar

Kelcie has 12 years’ experience working with children and families. She believes the best intervention is early intervention. Every child’s experience is unique and she tailors her approachusing play therapy, art therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She also uses trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy to help children who have experienced traumatic situations. She believes using alternative methods such asstrengthening the neural balance in children with ADHD and anxiety proves to be a more effective treatment. As well as working with children, she works with parents to implement alternative parenting techniques and behavior plans to manage symptoms and emotions at home. She also works with schools to strengthen the mental health aspects of IEP’s, or 504 plans.

Kelcie specializes in working with children in grades pre-K-middle school. She has worked with children and families to help them cope with their emotions and experiences through difficult situations such as divorce, grief and loss, life changessuch as moving, identity issues, and strengthening family connections especially during the difficult transition from elementary to middle school. 

She loves working with children and families and seeing how early intervention can positively influence every aspect of their life.  

Ellie Hiland, LMFT

Ellie Hiland

Ellie finds a passion for working with teenagers and their parents specifically to bridge the gap between the youth’s emotional whirlwind and the parents’ need for structure. She has experience working with teenagers who are at high risk for runaway, homelessness, and salvaging the relationship between youth and parents. 

Ellie has received certification for Affirmative Therapy with LGBT Clients and has a dedication to working with this population and its allies. Additionally, she enjoys working with individuals experiencing the loss of a relationship whether it be a death loss or something more ambiguous such as physical separation (such as divorce) or emotional loss (family members of addicts, etc). Ellie also appreciates working with young adults to come into adulthood successfully, general life transitions, pre-marital counseling, and couple’s communication issues.

Along her own journey of growing up in Iowa, developing boundaries, and personal self-work, Ellie found herself practicing therapy in Wichita. Through her life experiences, Ellie has learned that each story deserves a safe place to be told so that healthy relationships can be formed or repaired, whether it is with others or with yourself. Ellie hopes to come alongside her clients in what may be a big, tangled mess in life to help them find a path to who and where they want to be. Ellie offers therapy for ages pre-teen through elderly adults.

Ellie’s general demeanor is light-hearted and humorous and she will spend as much time as needed to build a comfortable relationship with the client. At the same time, Ellie is also assertive and direct when it is needed in order to advocate for the needs of her clients, making sure everyone is heard and accounted for.

Jerry Rose, LPC Student Intern

Jerry is a graduate from Kansas State University and currently finishing up his masters in counseling from Grand Canyon University.  Jerry has a passion for helping those impacted by circumstances, his ability to resonate with the youth he works with helps him be successful with the youth he helps. A child of adoption himself, Jerry has first hand knowledge of the trials and struggles of youth and even adults now that have been adopted or come from broken homes. 

Jerry has lived in a wide range of places from inner cities to a small mountain town in Montana which has provided him the opportunity to see a plethora of cultures which plays a large role in being able to identify with different clients. Jerry is excited to begin his professional counseling career and hopes to have an instrumental role in helping those in need.

Gabrielle Jones, LMFT-T

Gabrielle Jones

Although life may feel chaotic at times, we are in control of the solution and ultimate happiness we seek. It takes courage to face a fear or a risk in life, but here you are! Healing and Harmony are welcomed, and clients are encouraged to be their most authentic selves. Therapeutic input during trying times of adversity offers space that invites vulnerability, transparency, and help us understand the circumstances we face. Allow me to help guide and walk with you in your journey. Whether you are battling relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, trauma, or sexual issues, I want to sit in this space with you free from judgment. I understand that this is not easy, and you may already feel overwhelmed, but I see a courageous individual waiting to shift their life in the direction they have longed for. All individuals have a story to tell and I am ready and willing to listen. My professional experience includes providing therapy to couple’s, families, and individuals of all ages. Using a systemic approach, I incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with Brief Solution Focused Therapy to process negative thoughts and come up with solutions and alternatives that YOU deem fit for your lifestyle. I am currently trained in Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 1 along with Sand Tray Therapy. 

It is a privilege to know your story and have access to you. Together, you can heal from the hurt caused and rejoice in harmony by becoming the best version of yourself. We are impacted by everything around us and I am here to offer encouragement and an empathetic space to call yours. As I sit in the passenger seat, I want to be the first to say, “Let’s Ride!”

Sierra Ness, LMFT-T, LAC

Sierra Ness

Sierra graduated from the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Friends University in 2020 and has had experience in treating addiction. 

Sierra’s work is devoted to utilizing techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, and mindfulness to aid families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds in leading a life they want to live in. She has a passion for healing trauma of all kinds and in helping people build awareness of how their bodies hold that trauma. Issues that may result from trauma that she treats are anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, personality disorders, addiction, and bipolar disorder, to name a few.

Sierra brings her empathy, compassion, curiosity, and knowledge of people as a whole, not just their mental struggles or trauma to bring the true self forward. Sierra is grateful for each relationship she builds with her clients, seeing it as a learning experience for both her and the client. She believes that anxiety is an indicator of growth, and that we must learn how to hold our own pain in order to heal from it. She looks forward to visiting with you and helping you with this next stage of your journey.

Maureen Williams, LPC, LMAC

Maureen is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Master Addiction Counselor (LMAC) who has worked in the field of mental health and substance misuse since 2014. Previously, she has worked as a Counselor at an Inpatient Substance Treatment Center and a Mental Health Therapist in the Adult Department of Corrections providing individual and group therapy to adults involved in the legal system. Maureenhas experience working with a variety of issues that impact the human experience such as addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief/loss, life transitions and various other mental health concerns.  

Maureen uses an integrative approach that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual, geared toward uncovering their innate wisdom and strengths. She has experience utilizing therapeutic techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy and believes the therapeutic relationship and trust are the most important aspects of therapy. Maureen is a wounded healer who believes strongly in meeting clients where they are at and providing a supportive, respectful and collaborative space that promotes healing and growth.

Shellee Methe RN, BSN, CFMHC

A love of science and serving others led Shellee to begin a career as an RN over 25 years ago. Her roles  have always involved education, counseling, and coaching. So, it’s no surprise that after her own health crisis, she chose to use her journey to help others and became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.  

Functional Medicine is a wellness based approach that focuses on restoring health. Her dream is to equip everyone with the knowledge of how to live a healthy and vibrant life – if they have a desire to. She believes that helping others be well gives them freedom to fulfill the purpose they were created for.

Most people experience a gap between knowing what they need to do and actually doing it –   Coaching bridges that gap.  Shellee takes the time to get to know her clients, understand what is important to them, identify their strengths, partner with them to create a plan that fits their life and provides encouragement, support, and accountability. 

Shellee enjoys a great cup of coffee, dark chocolate, all things cozy and warm, creating healthy and tasty dishes, nordic walking, pilates, hiking, playing games and spending time with family, friends, and pets.

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