Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners provide medication management and assessments. This can all sound daunting for someone who has never taken medication, so let’s explain exactly what that means. Many people are not sure if medication is the best option for their mental health symptoms. Having a psychiatric evaluation by a compassionate, well-informed psychiatric practitioner who also explains their process can help ease worry and concerns.

We Perform a Psychiatric Evaluation

We are physical beings and just like needing to go to the doctor to get a physical, it’s important that we also get evaluations from time-to-time of our mental health. During a psychiatric evaluation, our practitioners will look at both mind and body symptoms and treat you as a whole person – wanting to really understand your concerns and what types of symptoms are bothersome. After the initial assessment, the psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner will walk you through a treatment plan designed with your needs in mind. If it is in the client’s best interest to try medication, the psychiatric practitioner will then walk you through the medications effects, potential side-effects, usage, and course of treatment (or if they expect to start you on a small dosage and then build from there or use other medications in conjunction with it). If the client agrees with this treatment plan, this medication is prescribed for a small amount of time as a trial period to see how effective it is. Then the psychiatrist will monitor the medication’s effectiveness over time and consistently update treatment plans or keep them the same if they are meeting the client’s goals.

Every person is unique. There is usually some experimentation time for every course of treatment and the effectiveness varies from person-to-person. We recommend that client’s who seek medication management for mental health purposes also work with a well-informed therapist that they feel connected to. Although this is not a pre-requisite.

We Provide Holistic Care, Psychiatric Care

At Soma, we provide psychiatric care that is holistic. That means that instead of solely prescribing psychotropic medications, we may also look at natural supplements or dietary changes that may benefit the mental health issue. Sometimes the treatment plan includes ALL of these changes. For instance, if a client is struggling with major anxiety but is drinking 6 cups of coffee a day, we may see what happens with limiting caffeine intake or a combination of nutrition, magnesium supplements, and if needed anti-anxiety medications. We want to make sure we are not solely putting a bandaid on your concerns and really treating the issue at it’s source.

If you have questions about our psychiatric care or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 316-201-6047 or contact us here today!