Fascial Counterstrain -Physical Therapy


Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is a therapeutic, hands-on method, designed to release spasm in all tissues of the human body. Every organ, nerve, artery, muscle, ligament, tendon, vein and lymphatic vessel in the human body can actively spasm and produce pain in a natural, protective response to injury.

Once this reflex spasm is triggered it can persist, spread & form hundreds of
tender points. FCS works to release the tissue in spasm and the corresponding tender point by gently unloading the injured structure.
Gentle body positioning and compression or shortening of the strained structure works to effect a therapeutic release. By positioning the body against the strain or by applying a “counterstrain”, the structure quickly relaxes, thus reducing tension and immediately alleviating this primary source of pain. The elimination of this strain is quickly verified by simply checking the point,which is frequently no longer tender.

The most common question we get asked is, “How do these dysfunctions get created?” My short answer is, “life.”

More specifically, dysfunctions are caused by:

Trauma: falls, car accidents, giving birth, but also emotional traumas like deaths of loved ones, divorces, work, or family stress. Also history of physical or emotional abuse.
Poor posture causing postural strain
Repetitive strain: running, cycling, overhead athletes that are always swinging or throwing
Structural strain like leg length differences and flat feet
Inflammatory and chronic diseases like Lyme and Crohn’s disease
Food sensitivities that lead to chronic pains

[Source: Counterstrain Academy. Portland, OR]