Trustworthiness Skill #5: Integrity

Integrity — it’s the stuff that separates us from others and keeps us acting in authenticity with ourselves. In a world with several viewpoints and dicey, differing opinions, it can be easy to lose ourselves, go with the flow, and be amenable even when we don’t agree. Especially people pleasers, you guys are both the best and the worst 😉
But to be a person I can trust, it’s important that I know who you are and that I can trust you to be honest about that and tell me how you REALLY feel, even when it’s hard. 

Many clients I see have developed a skill of trying to “predict what people are thinking, feeling, or not saying” — and it makes sense because in not-so-healthy relationships, we have to. But what if we didn’t? What if we could trust that the people in our lives would tell us when they disagree, when they are upset, and the truth about how they are feeling (for the most part) in ways that are neutral and kind? Then we wouldn’t have so many “mind readers” or the need to develop that oh-so flawed perception skill in the first place. If people had integrity, we could trust in our relationships and never have to play the guessing game again.
This is why integrity is a crucial skill, and one I hope we can all build for ourselves (as we lose self respect when we don’t) and our relationships (so they don’t have to be ninja mind readers).

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