The Art of Listening in a Culture of Distraction.



In this day and age, it’s common to see many on their cell phones during social situations. Loved ones, parents, the person across the table. Through the addictive nature of instant gratification we are socialized to be constantly stimulated and distracted. When we are distracted, like a parent who is checking their status updates while they are watching their children, we may physically be “there”, but we are not fully responsive and present to the needs of a child. This act of being unavailable, will take it’s toll on the generations to come in their health, development, and ability to emotionally regulate.

The same thing applies to the relationship we have with our bodies. Our hunger cues, our illness cues, and our intuition. So many people live their lives “distracted” that it is hard to hear and be responsive to our bodies’ needs. Typically, clients struggling to eat healthfully look at me like I’m nuts when I offer that a part of how I teach healthy eating is really becoming in tune with our bodies. Many of my clients come in with the notion that their bodies are the ENEMY. They wish to WILL it into submission and feed it a guidance plan that makes sense to the brain, but doesn’t really take into consideration the body’s wisdom.

We must listen to our body to fully know it’s truth. We must lay down our distractions and quiet our minds so that we can hear what it has to say. This is part of the reason that it’s important to sit down and focus on your meals vs. scrambling food into our bodies while multi-tasking. Now, I realize that we can’t always give our full attention to our bodies (and I am guilty of having meals over a keyboard myself)… however, if we begin to give it even a few minutes of our time, to quiet our minds and listen, there is so much we can learn.

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