Why Your Eating Struggles May Be A Blessing in Disguise

**Let me preface this by saying I want to honor the pain and struggle many of you are currently facing due to your eating struggles. If you are currently experiencing a lot of pain and suffering from them, please reach out to an experienced therapist or counselor for help — this article’s timing is not […]

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Your Mental Health Intact (Part 2 – 2019)

Tip #2: Set boundaries. (Tip #1 is in the previous blog post) Set self boundaries on what you’ll talk about, think about, and how you’ll react around difficult family members. As much as we’d like to, we CANNOT change how other people treat us, what they comment on, and the questions they ask/don’t ask. We CAN […]

Eating Disorders: Don’t Believe the Lie

Eating disorders are not glamorous. They will not make you feel good. They don’t make relationships or tough emotions better. They are anxiety driven. They will take over the beautiful, creative, and unique parts of who you are. They will ruin your spiritual and loving trust in your connectedness to other humans and something greater. […]

8 Ways To Prevent Eating Disorders and Negative Body Image in Kids

Being the parent of a child with eating or body image struggles is incredibly difficult. I hear parents say things like, “Did I cause this?” and “We did everything right… I don’t know why they’re like this”.  Often parents feel helpless or frustrated that their little one can’t see the amazing things in themselves that […]

Why It’s Important To See an Eating Disorder Specialist

Eating Disorders are multi-faceted, complex, and affect both the brain and the body. Unfortunately, they are also highly lethal (the most lethal of all mental health issues) and the outcomes for full recovery become worse as time goes by without an adequate treatment team. In some cases, seeing a therapist who is versed in some […]