Psychological Testing and Evaluation Resources in Wichita, Kansas

Psychological Evaluations:

  1. Scott Stegman (Clinical Psychologist) at Real Life Counseling
  2. Marcia Kennedy
  3. Jody Patterson (Clinical Psychologist) at the Therapy Center
  4. Tina Grzeskiewicz
  5. Samantha Eskridge-Kuchinskas
  6. Anne Lindsey King
  7. Dr. Sarah Coleman

Neuropsychological Evaluations: (please contact us if you know of any resources).Neurological Testing:

  1. Leenay Psychology Consultants

2. John Leenay(For children specifically):

  1. Dr. Dwight Lindholm
  2. Dr. Al Nabbout
  3. Dr. Shar
  4. Genilo at Neurology Consultants of Kansas

Sex Offender Psychological Evaluations:

  1. Clinical Associates

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