Numbers – You Are More than a Number

They can have such a HUGE impact on the thoughts and beliefs we have about who we are… but it is the MEANING we give to them, not the numbers alone that we give that power.

Choose the meanings you give to the number on the scale, your calories, or your clothing sizes carefully. Contrary to what some social media may say, they don’t define who you are, make you less worthy, or have power over your ability to show up and do your best.

Take power away from the numbers, and EMpower yourself to focus on what is REALLY important. Or what your body may be cueing to you. For many clients, this is often more about feeding their bodies better, moving more, or processing the emotions keeping them stuck in many facets of their lives.

Many women I’ve met give SO much power to the scale, when really it’s just a distraction from the things that make them feel uncomfortable. And trust me, even the good inner work brings discomfort — growth sucks sometimes but is SO worth it. Thinking that NUMBERS are the reason for your unhappiness can be a lot easier than going deeper and looking at the roots of what is REALLY bothering you and the self awareness of what meanings you’ve given to numbers.

When we are feeling disheartened by numbers, this usually cues us into a boundary violation we’ve made against ourselves or received from others without setting safe boundaries to ensure our security. Other times, it can be about a disconnect we’ve crafted with ourselves due to grief, loss, or trauma. There can be so much beneath those numbers. And if they rule your mind (via calorie counting, scale obsession, or avoiding shopping for clothes) then you may want to dig deep and find out what is really going on. Because, trust me — no number inherently has the power to ruin your day, make you feel unworthy, or want to hide away.

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