Mind-Body Practices & Our Health

Can You Trick Your Body into Health?

Have you ever heard of the Chinese finger trap? That tricky little device that sticks your fingers when you try to pull out?  The only actual way out is to do opposite of your first thought—to push your fingers in and by doing so, the device releases. 

Often, this is the way of the mind works with our emotions. Sometimes we can trick our bodies (and in essence, our minds) by doing things that seem unrelated to effect change. (Yoga, meditation, etc.)

I mean, if I’m trying to lose weight, why would sitting still help? My body is clearly not burning calories… 

That is what I used to think as well. 

Some people meditate through runs. However, there is a distinct difference between walking or running to meditate and process your emotions and walking or running to burn calories, beat yourself up, and so forth. If you don’t believe me when it comes to this mind/body integration stuff, just look at some of the interesting scientific findings on these practices…

What Science Says About our Health

  • Mental Illness & Physical health go hand-in-hand
  • Our body confidence correlates to our internal confidence
  • Some newer research suggests that there is no dualism of the mind & body, and that they are in fact, a singular entity

One of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to the brain is that it is a master organizer. The brain loves to break down information into categories to make accessing information easier and more efficient (and in essence use less energy/glucose). The only problem is, in doing so, the brain tends to have some unhelpful thinking patterns such as categorizing things into ALL good or ALL bad, or creating stereotypes about different physical features. Often, we have to challenge the brain’s short cuts to really understand the full picture (and all the details in between). However, this my friend will take effort, it will take more glucose, but the good news is—it gets easier over time.

Another extremely important concept to remember about the brain is that it can evolve and has what neuroscientists have coined as “neuroplasticity”. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways or “thinking patterns”. That is to say, someone who typically thinks in negative thinking patterns, can become more of an optimist through time and effort. Additionally, someone with a lot anxiety can decrease their levels and become more calm, and someone who constantly thinks about food can break themselves of the “chains” and build healthier routes of thought.’

In fact, studies have shown that even people in their 70’s have made personality changes based on cognitive restructuring, and in essence have shown that brain has plasticity throughout most/if not all of the lifespan.

What our Soul Can Tell us About Our Health

Change the way you think about your relationship with food. Love, hate, pleasure, pain. From birth to death. Food fuels us and becomes us. Make it conscious, intentional, it will have ups and downs. Trust the relationship and work on it. There will always be challenges. 

Ask yourself, what do I want from food?

Great health, energy, love, a lean body, beauty, skin health, a long life? 

If you want happiness and health from your food, put it into it. Bring health to the table. Mature in your relationship with it. Gives us the opportunity to celebrate, enjoy, and nourish ourselves every day.  

Most of us have heard the news: Diets don’t work. Even more, some of us have struggled with yo-yo lifestyles: eating well, maybe even exercising…. for about 3 weeks, falling off the wagon, and then getting back on again only to find we forgot we were dieting. Another thing to add to a seemingly endless, “to do” list. Others struggle to find peace of mind as they endlessly count calories, stick to strict regimens, and STILL feel unhealthy and happy. 

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

“I’m too busy to eat healthy or exercise.”

“I don’t have the money to become more healthy.”

“Celebrities are the only people who can afford to look and feel good.”

“My body type runs in my family.”

“Making healthy changes means being miserable.”

“If I stop obsessing over food, I’ll gain so much weight.”

“Controlling my food means I am in control.”

“Thick or thin: I’ve always hated my body.”

“There’s SO much bad information out there, why bother invest in learning?”

“I’ve tried every thing, nothing seems to stick.”

“I know practically EVERYTHING there is to know about weight management, I just seem to self-sabatoge” 

“Life’s too short.” (I’m with you on this one… why make it shorter or waste it battling food issues?)

and especially this one, 

“I don’t have the time to make healthier changes.” 

Trust me, I’ve been there for many of these. I battled and won an intense war with my mind and body over 4 years of food issues on all sides of the spectrum (though I didn’t quite venture into Pica-nism, or eating things that weren’t food).

With over 10 years of self study, 4 years of deep inner-work, 5 years of professional level studies and research, and a penchant for breaking down science into an easy-to-digest format (probably the MOST important credential of all), I decided it was time to get real about food issues and educate people on simple scientific & practical ways to transform their relationship with food. No gimmicks, no marketing, no funding from food industry guys – just as far as science & experience has reached truth.  

Questions? I’d be happy to answer them via email here or give me a call at (316) 201-6047.

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