The Dangers of Emotional Constipation

Holding Back Our Emotions  For most people, we hold back our emotions. In today’s busy society, it makes sense that we may want to hold back our emotions, ESPECIALLY the ones that are more “shameful” to carry. Emotions such as anger, rage, depressions, grief, disappointment, and anxiety. On the other hand, some people mask the […]

R.O.I. Success Directly Related to Employee Health

Health & R.O.I. – Related? You may instinctively know that a healthier work force directly correlates with better outcomes. But what about the hard science behind ROI (Return On Investment) and savings?  So, if fewer sick days and increased company investment doesn’t speak volumes, perhaps money will. Here’s a Brief Overview of the Latest in […]

Eating Disorders: Don’t Believe the Lie

Eating disorders are not glamorous. They will not make you feel good. They don’t make relationships or tough emotions better. They are anxiety driven. They will take over the beautiful, creative, and unique parts of who you are. They will ruin your spiritual and loving trust in your connectedness to other humans and something greater. […]

Eating Disorders: A Crash Course for Patients

Eating Disorders and Shame For many clients there is a lot of shame and secrecy around their eating disorder. It’s best to introduce this topic with sensitivity and empathy. You can begin by asking your patients about what their diet and exercise regimen is like, and from there ask more direct questions like the ones […]

Therapy For Those Who Are “Just Doing it For Attention”

As a person that does therapy with teens, I’ve commonly heard the phrase (usually from parents), “Isn’t he/she just doing this for attention? They don’t really need therapy…” Well, let’s think about it. Let’s say they are… Let’s say that teens would be SO motivated to get attention that they would hurt themselves, engage in […]