Why Every Therapist Would Benefit From Watching “Heal”, the Documentary

First and foremost, I believe that it is important to state that I am in no way affiliated with the “Heal” documentary, which is currently showing on Netflix, or receiving of any benefits by recommending it. I simply support this work and the ideas it is encouraging our community to think about. So let’s dive […]

Our Relationship with food: Emotions & Feelings and Family

Let’s Start with Our Belief Systems About Food Our belief systems, our ideas and subconscious thoughts, about food and our body image begins in utero. That’s right. Even down to what your mother eats and feels while pregnant can impact a person’s eating habits and desires. From there, we visually pick up on what we […]

The Dangers of Emotional Constipation

Holding Back Our Emotions  For most people, we hold back our emotions. In today’s busy society, it makes sense that we may want to hold back our emotions, ESPECIALLY the ones that are more “shameful” to carry. Emotions such as anger, rage, depressions, grief, disappointment, and anxiety. On the other hand, some people mask the […]

Healthier people get a better ROI for their employers

You may instinctively know that a healthier work force = better outcomes. But what about the hard science behind ROI and savings?  If  fewer sick days, and increased company investment doesn’t speak volumes, perhaps money will. Corporate Wellness Programs Research Summary So here’s a brief overview of the latest in research and ROI for company […]

Eating Disorders: Don’t Believe the Lie

Eating disorders are not glamorous. They will not make you feel good. They don’t make relationships or tough emotions better. They are anxiety driven. They will take over the beautiful, creative, and unique parts of who you are. They will ruin your spiritual and loving trust in your connectedness to other humans and something greater. […]