A Crash Course in talking about Eating Disorders with Patients

Eating Disorders and Shame For many clients there is a lot of shame and secrecy around their disorder. It’s best to introduce this topic with sensitivity and empathy. You can begin by asking your patients about what their diet and exercise regimen is like, and from there ask more direct questions like the ones below: […]

Body Image/Acceptance & Health

Body acceptance is critical to emotional & physical well-being It’s about redefining what worthiness in our bodies means by a personalized, healthy standard and not by the definitions of others (society, family, peers). Often the term, “body image” gets misrepresented as ALWAYS feeling unwavering love and admiration for one’s body – but really, it’s about […]

The Balancing Act & Time Management for Healthy food/living/eating

Is your Life out of Balance? “I don’t have enough time to eat healthier, exercise or (insert healthy habit here)” is one of the most common phrases I hear. What it usually means is, “My life is out of balance, I’m super stressed, I may be afraid to make time, or I am uncomfortable with […]

8 Ways To Prevent Eating Disorders and Negative Body Image in Kids

Being the parent of a child with eating or body image struggles is incredibly difficult. I hear parents say things like, “Did I cause this?” and “We did everything right… I don’t know why they’re like this”.  Often parents feel helpless or frustrated that their little one can’t see the amazing things in themselves that […]

Therapy For Those Who Are “Just Doing it For Attention”

As a person that does therapy with teens, I’ve commonly heard the phrase (usually from parents), “Isn’t he/she just doing this for attention? They don’t really need therapy…” Well, let’s think about it. Let’s say they are… Let’s say that teens would be SO motivated to get attention that they would hurt themselves, engage in […]

Why It’s Important To See an Eating Disorder Specialist

Eating Disorders are multi-faceted, complex, and affect both the brain and the body. Unfortunately, they are also highly lethal (the most lethal of all mental health issues) and the outcomes for full recovery become worse as time goes by without an adequate treatment team. In some cases, seeing a therapist who is versed in some […]

Being Okay With “Good Enough” From A Recovering Perfectionist

Admittedly, I really struggle with accepting “good enough” or being “okay” at things. For many different reasons (all stemming from various things I’m working through in my own therapeutic journey) I have noticed a desire in myself to work as hard as I can to be as good as I can be at every venture […]

How Avoiding People or Things Means Rejecting Ourselves

When we avoid dealing or responding to a situation or person, weare really saying no to the hard things that are coming up within ourselveswhen dealing with that situation. *Whether we are conscious of these hard feelings or not.* This is really unfortunate, because those hard feelings can be a greatopportunity for us to understand those parts of […]