I’m Not Trying To Fix You: A Letter to Those in Therapy

As a therapist and counselor, I am here to embrace you. The good, bad, messy, silly — all the parts. So many clients come to therapy saying “Fix me!” or “Just help me erase or get rid of these painful memories!”or “Make me better!”, especially when they’ve been struggling with pain from trauma, grief, a […]

Be Yourself. Science Says You’ll be Happier.

“Positive emotion alienated from the exercise of character leads to emptiness, inauthenticity, depression, and as we age the growing realization that we are fidgeting until we die.” What makes a person truly happy? Not the, “I just ate a really awesome slice of cheesecake happy” but true, lasting emotional satisfaction? Scientists like Martin Seligman have […]

Eating Disorder Prevention: How to Save a Life

What’s the Problem? With rising rates of eating disorders, it is impossible to have enough treatment providers for all of those who suffer. And unfortunately, many suffer with little to no resources. Eating Disorder Prevention has either never been prevalent, or seems to have taken a seat on the back burner. I became intimately aware […]

Spanish-speaking Mental Health Resources in Wichita, KS

Spanish-speaking therapists: Ignacio Ayala (Licensed Masters Social Worker) at Soma Therapy, 316-201-6047, https://www.somawichita.com Delia Lujano at Real Life Counseling, 316-425-7774, rlcwichita.com Pam Tinnico at Comcare Children’s Chris Santoya at Seasons Family Counseling Adelita Aldava at Aldava Counseling Carmen Aguilar-Ojeda Whitney Mosier at Real Life Counseling (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist), 316-425-7774, rlcwichita.com Wrap-around Services […]