Being Okay with “Good Enough” from a Recovering Perfectionist

Admittedly, I still struggle with accepting “good enough” or being “okay” at things from time-to-time. Noticing patterns of my past, I used to work as hard as I could to be as good as I could at every venture that I try without setting realistic boundaries, limits, or having much grace for myself in the […]

Domestic Violence: Why Can’t They “Just Leave”?

Prior to becoming fascinated about the dynamics of domestic violence, I remember thinking, “Why don’t women/men in these relationships just pack up their bags and leave?” or “Why don’t they just go to a shelter?” I initially understood very little about the complexities of walking away or the complexities of staying. According to the NY […]

What We Gain/Learn from Hitting Rock Bottom

Whether by fate, transition, or poor choices we all struggle with the horrible, ugly rock bottoms (i.e. “woes”) in our life. Throughout my life I’ve faced trials in multiple arenas (I’m far from perfect – and that’s okay). However, the gifts I take from these moments are opportunities for growth and learning.  We can’t control […]

How Avoiding Other People Means Rejecting Ourselves

When we avoid dealing or responding to a situation or person, we are really saying no to the hard things that are coming up within ourselves when dealing with that situation. *Whether we are conscious of these hard feelings or not.* This is really unfortunate, because those hard feelings can be a great opportunity for […]