Psychological Testing and Evaluation Resources in Wichita, Kansas

Psychological Evaluations: Scott Stegman (Clinical Psychologist) at Real Life Counseling Marcia Kennedy Jody Patterson (Clinical Psychologist) at the Therapy Center Tina Grzeskiewicz Samantha Eskridge-Kuchinskas Anne Lindsey King Dr. Sarah Coleman Neuropsychological Evaluations: (please contact us if you know of any resources).Neurological Testing: Leenay Psychology Consultants 2. John Leenay(For children specifically): Dr. Dwight Lindholm Dr. Al […]

Spanish-speaking Mental Health Resources in Wichita, KS

Spanish-speaking therapists: Ignacio Ayala (Licensed Masters Social Worker) at Soma Therapy, 316-201-6047, Delia Lujano at Real Life Counseling, 316-425-7774, Pam Tinnico at Comcare Children’s Chris Santoya at Seasons Family Counseling Adelita Aldava at Aldava Counseling Carmen Aguilar-Ojeda Whitney Mosier at Real Life Counseling (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist), 316-425-7774, Wrap-around Services […]

Jenny Presents at Opti-Life on Grief, Loss, and therapy

“Our capacity to grieve is our capacity to love. We must feel like we can move through grief (and feel our grief) to better be able to enjoy the gifts of loving others”. Grateful to present on grief and loss and the elements of grief and loss therapy this Saturday at Opti-Life! Always a good […]

Welcome our new bi-lingual therapist: Ignacio Ayala, Licensed Social Worker

“I am a licensed social worker with over 8 years of experience helping individuals and families with behavioral health issues. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. With my background as a veteran, a Firefighter/EMT with 27+ years of experience responding to crisis and emergencies, I bring a unique view and understanding of veterans, first […]

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Your Mental Health Intact (Part 2 – 2019)

Tip #2: Set boundaries. (Tip #1 is in the previous blog post) Set self boundaries on what you’ll talk about, think about, and how you’ll react around difficult family members. As much as we’d like to, we CANNOT change how other people treat us, what they comment on, and the questions they ask/don’t ask. We CAN […]

How To Have A (Mentally) Healthy Thanksgiving, Tip #1

Eyes on your own plate. Our relationship with food is personal and people do various things for various reasons. Especially if you’ve made dietary changes for gut health or are trying to not feel shame from “dieting” relatives because you love Grandma’s pumpkin pie (who doesn’t?), this key phrase will be helpful. Don’t judge others, and […]

Trustworthiness Skill #7: Generosity

When I first say the word “generosity”, many of my clients think they have this down. My over-achieving mom’s say things like, “yep, I’m definitely generous” because they can be so giving of their time and even valuables. But this type of generosity is not about giving time, giving of yourself, or giving “things” to […]

Trustworthiness Skill #6: Non-judgment

Non-judgement. We all instinctively have a first thought, a first judgment. However, I have taught people that it is far more useful to think that the second thought counts most as it is our pre-frontal cortex’s response to our first, primal brain thought that could have been created for a multitiude of reasons. Judgment is […]