Mission Statement

Soma Therapy is a mental health private practice that specializes in a variety of issues including chronic depression and anxiety, relationship problems, trauma, and integrated mental health. We provide innovative and effective trauma therapy treatments, and integrated approaches that cannot be found collaboratively in other group practices in Wichita. We seek to serve ALL in Wichita and offer allied services for our local LGBTQ+ community and the under-served, including Spanish speakers.

What’s unique about Soma Therapy:

  1. We offer a balanced and integrated treatment approach with validated treatments including: interpersonal, family and group therapy, nutritional counseling and dietetics, trauma-informed yoga, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems therapy, Systemic therapies, and Somatic experiencing. Using these types of therapy,  our clients learn mood regulation, find meaning and purpose, and develop a healthy, strong sense of confidence in themselves and in their relationships with others. We value empowering our clients through collaboration, activism, and in cultivating their healthy sense of self and gifts.
  2. Soma believes in hiring “wounded healers” and recovered staff that can speak freely about their own recovery and journeys in healing their trauma in a safe, professional, and clinically meaningful way. We “practice what we preach” and hope to inspire clients as we are living embodiments of the healing that can happen. We also believe in our own ongoing journey of healing, and in our ongoing journey of learning about innovative therapy modalities and creating the most up-to-date and effective treatment methods possible.
  3. Soma’s staff is committed to collaborative treatment in which each client feels heard, valued, and included in the process. We also hold weekly team meetings to collaborate with staff and ensure we are all on the same page in working towards each client’s specific and tailored goals. We teach and empower clients to speak and have a voice in their therapy process.
  4. Soma does not believe in pressuring clients to give up their disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or to resolve their traumas or any issues they are not ready for. Instead, we support clients in achieving their own optimal physical and emotional health goals, and meet them at their current stage of change.
  5. Soma believes in full recovery and transformation from any mental health concern, including eating disorders. It is our experience that when clients begin to experience life without their mental health diagnosis, their therapy journey takes on a life of its own. We believe in nourishing and empowering their healthy selves, and helping them rediscover and find grace in all of their parts. Everything belongs.
  6. We’ve created flexibility in our therapy options to help minimize disruptions to your work, school, and family lives and help people find healing in their current environments.

Our staff also embodies these important principles:

We believe in:

  1. Courageous leadership: we believe in being vulnerable, being present, and ready to ask ourselves hard questions/admit our mistakes (think Brene Brown).
  2. Trustworthiness: we believe in kind and clear communication, boundaries, and a spirit of generosity (assuming the best first about a person or situation).
  3. Ongoing learning: we believe that we are all on a journey of learning and growing and believe in the importance of engaging in that process together and for our client’s best interest.
  4. Integrity: we believe in fully being ourselves and growing to be in a good relationship with ourselves throughout our work with clients and with team members. It is important we maintain our integrity and speak up when we disagree with something or it is against our values and responding to other’s integrity with kindness, curiosity, and a desire to understand.
  5. Self of the practitioner: We believe in being able to reflect on ourselves and engage in the work we request of our clients. We believe in getting peer consultation and supervision when needed and in supporting one another.