About Soma Recovery

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who work with all mental health concerns and treat people as a whole. We also offer specialized services for treating Eating Disorders and Trauma. We saw a need for higher levels of care for trauma stored in the body in the greater Wichita area, and sought to fill it. We have created a safe environment to explore the different parts that make up your mental health concerns and facilitate healing. A few people on our staff have had a history with an eating disorder, trauma, depression, anxiety, and have gone through their own journey of healing. They bring their compassion and understanding to the work they do in helping others struggling with their mental health and trauma.

Why We Are Here

We are here to provide integrated mental health treatment for the greater Wichita and Kansas area. Many of our clients find that they are in need of bottom-up services to heal their trauma and better integrated services to treat their issues from a whole-body perspective. We provide the following integrated services: psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, groups, dietitian and nutrition counseling services, medication management, coaching, yoga (both trauma-informed, one-on-one, and yoga therapy groups), and massage therapy.

We work closely as allies to other community mental health organizations and know that with collaboration, our Wichita community and resources is #strongertogether.

What We Believe

We believe that there are many causes and parts that come together in the perfect storm to create mental health concerns or trauma and that this can impact your ability to function emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially in your day-to-day life. We define trauma as what happens INSIDE of us when we experience something traumatic (which can be a multitude of things) and results in us disconnecting from our true, healthy self. Trauma often results in viewing ourselves negatively or the world around us, and can feel like struggling to regulate emotions or numbness from emotions (internally or externally). We all need support, guidance, and help on our path to reconnecting with ourselves, and our integrated services is the answer to that need.

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