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We are a holistic therapy center that serves the greater Wichita area. We also offer specialized care for eating disorders, trauma, and integrated mental health.

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About Soma Recovery

We are a group of professionals who specialize in treating Eating Disorders and Trauma. We saw a need for higher levels of care for trauma stored in the body in the greater Wichita area, and sought to fill it. We have created a safe environment to explore the different parts that make up your mental health concerns and facilitate healing.

Yellow Brick Therapy Podcast

Learn, laugh, and talk about all things psychology on the Yellow Brick Therapy road. The show is hosted by Jenny Helms of Soma Recovery with new episodes added weekly, listen to the latest episodes here.

Latest Posts

  • Art Therapy to Heal Trauma

    "She (Margaret Naumburg) believed that the practice of expressing oneself in artwork enabled unconscious feelings to be identified in the artwork even prior to one’s conscious recognition of the feeling."
  • Finding The Right Therapist

    When I was a teen, the first 3 therapists I saw didn’t click. In fact, I used to think therapy was quite a useless profession full of dummy’s who get paid to talk to people (and then thought, well maybe they aren’t so dumb after all). Then, after I could no longer deny or shame […]
  • Using Yoga to Retrain the Brain

    Chronic Pain, the Brain, and Yoga Anyone who has lived with chronic pain has experienced a seemingly endless quest to find out the cause of the pain, leaving feelings of hopelessness. Physical Therapy researcher Lorimor Moseley defines pain as “a multisystem output that motivates and assists the individual to get out of a situation that […]