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We are a full-service psychotherapy center that works with adults, children, couples, and families in the greater Wichita area.

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About Soma Recovery

We are a full service psychotherapy center that works with adults, children, couples, and families. Our clinicians have specialized training in many areas, including eating disorders, complex trauma, perinatal and women’s issues, veteran and men’s issues, depression, and anxiety. We seek to fill the need for holistic and evidence-based, bottom-up and top-down psychotherapy in the greater Wichita area.

Yellow Brick Therapy Podcast

Learn, laugh, and talk about all things therapy and counselingon the Yellow Brick Therapy road. The show is hosted by Jenny Helms of Soma with new episodes added weekly, listen to the latest episodes here.

Latest Posts

  • Soma at Girls on The Run 5k

    Soma had a blast at Girls on the Run Heart of Kansas 5k this past Sunday! Grateful to make resiliency stones with girls and their families and support this awesome cause. Resiliency stones are stones that remind us of mantras, hope, or positive things to place where we can see them throughout the day or […]
  • Trustworthiness Skill #7: Generosity

    When I first say the word “generosity”, many of my clients think they have this down. My over-achieving mom’s say things like, “yep, I’m definitely generous” because they can be so giving of their time and even valuables. But this type of generosity is not about giving time, giving of yourself, or giving “things” to […]
  • Trustworthiness Skill #6: Non-judgment

    Non-judgement. We all instinctively have a first thought, a first judgment. However, I have taught people that it is far more useful to think that the second thought counts most as it is our pre-frontal cortex’s response to our first, primal brain thought that could have been created for a multitiude of reasons. Judgment is […]