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We are a holistic therapy center that serves the greater Wichita area. We also offer specialized care for eating disorders, trauma, and integrated mental health.

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About Soma Recovery

We are a group of professionals who specialize in treating Eating Disorders and Trauma. We saw a need for higher levels of care for trauma stored in the body in the greater Wichita area, and sought to fill it. We have created a safe environment to explore the different parts that make up your mental health concerns and facilitate healing.

Yellow Brick Therapy Podcast

Learn, laugh, and talk about all things psychology on the Yellow Brick Therapy road. The show is hosted by Jenny Helms of Soma Recovery with new episodes added weekly, listen to the latest episodes here.

Latest Posts

  • Trustworthiness Skill #3: Accountability

    Accountability is our ability to own our parts in every situation. Crappy boyfriend/girlfriend? What did WE do to contribute to picking that person? Crappy situation? What was our part in creating it or going along with it. I find that accountability often pairs well with boundaries when it comes to ensuring that we make our […]
  • Trustworthiness Skill #2: Reliability

    This week we are here to talk about the R word, “Reliability”.  Reliability is one of the most straight forward concepts of trustworthiness, but many of my well-intentioned clients struggle with it (I’ll explain why below). It is the notion that someone does what they say they will, consistently. That they will show up when […]
  • Trustworthiness Skill #1: Boundaries

    When trying to gauge if a person is trustworthy, one of the most important concepts is: boundaries. Many of my clients have heard about boundaries when they come into my office. “A boundary is a stop sign” or “A boundary is telling someone NO.”  However, they tend to forget about emotional boundaries, intellectual boundaries, and […]